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Grüners gate 1, 0552 Oslo

Telefon 40 00 40 62

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Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roastery, an espresso bar and a coffee resource and training centre located in Grünersgate 1, Oslo, Norway.

Our goal is to be among the best coffee roasters and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred source for quality coffee, knowledge and innovation.

Our coffees are imported as directly as possible from what we believe are the best coffee growers around the world. Rather than blending coffees together into a homogenous product we try to showcase the vast difference of flavours that the world of coffee has to offer. That is why we buy smaller coffee lots according to the harvesting season that we are currently in. Coffee is a fresh product and we try to provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible. Our coffees will therefore never stay the same but hopefully always improve.

All our coffees are carefully sourced based on a philosophy where quality, traceability, innovation and social responsibility is the main focus. Sustainability is very important to us and we try to satisfy both our customers as well as our suppliers when we buy our coffee.

We spend countless hours perfecting the roast profile and brewing methods of all our different coffees. Our goal is to create a product that is as transparent as possible so that you can experience the taste of the terroir and the varietal of each and every coffee lot that we sell.

We only roast coffee to order for our wholesale customers to ensure freshness and quality. We also sell our coffees to the public in our web shop and in our espressobar in Grünersgate 1.

Tim Wendelboe is also a resource centre for the public as well as for coffee professionals and restaurants. We believe that by educating the public and our wholesale customers we will achieve a broader understanding of how much work that lies behind a single cup of great tasting coffee.

Our resource centre was created with a mission to educate the consumer in how to taste, brew, serve and appreciate a great cup of coffee.

On every Saturday we offer public cuppings. (coffee tasting). See web site.

Our monthly public barista courses are meant for the home baristas and coffee enthusiasts who wants to learn more about making espresso and espresso based drinks. For more info click on Barista Courses in the left menu.

Tim Wendelboe
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