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Fine dining on food waste i Kvadraturen.

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In Norwegian, “Rest.” is not only an abbreviation for Restaurant or referring to a nice break. “Rest.”means what is left. Food waste is recognized as a major challenge in western food industry and consumerism. It raises grave moral and environmental issues. It insults common sense. And it robbes us of potentially brilliant tastes and experiences. Our ambition is to bring such experiences to you in our restaurant.
We doubt everyone wants their carrots to look like uniform soldiers marching out of an industrial plant. We detest the fact that hens are used as an ingredient in concrete once their egg production is slowing down. But most of all we marvel in the abundance of brilliant ingredients that never reach a shop or a palate.
No great ingredient should be left behind. Rest. is a rejection of modern consumerism. We turn food waste into a fine dining experience.

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